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Just Being Healthy Wellness Center - Holistic Options for Health

"Just Being Healthy was created with the intent of bringing holistic options for healthier living on the coast line. Many of the residents are into natural, organic, and hormone free for food and we figured why not health options for pain. We work with your family physician, collaborating to bring relief from chronic pain, injury due to sports/surfing/hiking, post surgerical range of motion rehabilitation, or relief from extreme stress symptoms. We make sure we keep our training current and up to date for new techniques to achieve the results you want in an expedient manner. We offer preventive services of thermography for cancer detection for men and women, which is has been approved for the last twenty years by the FDA. It is state of the art thermal imaging untilized globally for over thirty years, so there is no radiation, no compression of breast tissue, effective for breast augmentation, and effective in creating a risk assessment and management program with your doctor. We also have registered nutritionists and counselors for the different challenges we all face. Everything we do at Just Being Healthy is to promote a healthier you on the Coastal plains. Our mission is our commitment to Ventura County-strive to bring quality services for holistic solutions and then work even harder to maintain that standard with each and every client that walks in the door". Just Being Healthy
805-850-0198 or 800-873-4444.

"A holistic partner for significant results in healthy living" at your service. 805-850-0198. The greatest privilege is to make a small contribution to the well being of the community one body at a time.